Saturday, January 03, 2009

More pics uploaded!

I believe I have most of the vacation pics (scanned photos and movie stills) of Mount Airy Lodge itself, and of King Henry and the Showmen, and Joey (with Thea) uploaded. But my parents just came across more 8mm movies that I'll be taking in to get moved onto DVD, so I'll have more pics "soon".

I eventually want to upload the movies too, but I've uploaded what I've done so far in case anyone drops by...

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(* See comment in previous post re: slide show. *)


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your site. I have a weekend home in Bushkill and enjoy exploring all the sites of the old resorts. Pocono Gardens is still standing and interesting to alk around. Thanks for the pics!

Anonymous said...

A much simpler time. The Poconos have become a bit 'busy'. Any more pictures to post?

Sandra said...

"Pocono Gardens is still standing and interesting to walk around."

In all the years I'd gone to Mt. Airy, we never went to Pocono Gardens. Maybe I'll check it out one day, altho I expect it'll be nearly as sad as seeing Mt. Airy during the demolition. Maybe even more so:

"Any more pictures to post?

There are still a few more reels of my parents' movies that weren't converted to DVD yet. When I get those back, I'll probably get some more stills from them. I'd also like to upload all the videos too at some point.

** Anyone else have some to share?! **